• How are certificates free? Is it like Cloudflare?

    Certificates are free thanks to the establishment of the Let's Encrypt™ CA.

    Unlike with Cloudflare, which is a man-in-the-middle proxy, you fully control the keys and certificates used on your websites.

  • Why do the certificates only last 90 days?

    Due to the automated nature of Let's Encrypt™, the certificates are of short duration. However, this is not a problem, because the plugin attempts renewal 30 days from expiry.

  • Can I get EV certificates?

    Only DV (domain-validated) certificates are available. This is because the validation for EV certificates cannot be automated, and is therefore not in scope for Let's Encrypt™.

  • Can I get wildcard certificates?

    Wildcards are currently not (yet) supported by the Let's Encrypt™ service. However, we do allow you to simultaneously issue certificates for all subdomains, addon and parked/alias domains. We are looking forward to implementing wildcard support when Let's Encrypt implement it in 2018.

  • Does this work with CloudLinux and Litespeed Web Server?

    Yes. We test this plugin with CloudLinux + CageFS and Litespeed Web Server Enterprise environments. There are no known issues or caveats of any kind. There is no requirement to include any additional files in CageFS skeletons.

  • Does this work with Cloudflare?

    If the domain is "proxy-enabled", i.e requests go through Cloudflare before they come to cPanel, then the plugin will have no effect on visitors for that domain.

    This is because Cloudflare is terminating the SSL instead of the cPanel server. At most, the benefit would be that you could implement the "Full (Strict)" mode of Cloudflare, where the Origin<->Cloudflare PoP connection passes x509 verification.

  • Is this the same as cPanel AutoSSL?

    No, it is not. The principle value proposition of this plugin is that it allows the end-user (the cPanel user, rather than the cPanel/WHM administrator) to issue whatever certificates whenever they want.

    A more detailed comparison can be found here.

  • Refund policy

    We will NOT be offering buyer's remorse refunds under any circumstances. We provide a trial for evaluation purposes, and you should perform all testing during this trial period.

    If you require more than 72 hours to test the plugin, please contact support for a longer-duration evaluation.

    For all other refund-related enquiries, please contact support.