Product Name Change Notice

Published 2017-01-29

Summary: We are changing the name of "Let's Encrypt for cPanel" to "FleetSSL cPanel" to satisfy the conditions outlined in the Let's Encrypt Trademark Policy. The name change will be applied incrementally over time, to prevent any confusion or operational problems.

Full Explanation

We have received a request on January 23, 2017, from ISRG, the organization behind Let's Encrypt™, to cease using their trademarks in our product and website name, in accordance with their trademark policy.

Although our product and website pre-dates the trademark policy, we will be making adjustments to ensure that we are fully compliant with it.

We didn't anticipate, a year ago, the explosive success of Let's Encrypt and our plugin, actively deployed on over 10,000 servers, but we appreciate the need today for Let's Encrypt to protect its brand.

The functionality of, roadmap and support for the product will be completely unaffected.

Tentative transition plan

For the reference of our customers, below are listed the changes that we shall be making, approximately in order. If you have any questions about the process please feel free to reach out.

  1. Product shall be renamed from "Let's Encrypt for cPanel" to "FleetSSL cPanel"
  2. All ISRG text marks shall be appropriately credited across websites and product
  3. All ISRG design marks ("Radiant Lock") will be replaced across websites and products
  4. Visitors to "" shall be redirected to a subsite of, to be determined at a future date.
  5. will remain registered and operational (for machines, but not for human visitors), as it is an operational dependency of the software. Where possible, these dependencies shall be changed, but not at the risk of breaking existing deployments. Domain will be decommissioned at a point in the future when it is certain that it is no longer in use.

What this means for existing customers

There will be a few, extremely low impact changes:

  1. The icon in cPanel will change to not resemble the ISRG design mark "Radiant Lock", and may have its wording slightly altered.
  2. Any links to our website will now redirect to the equivalent.
  3. Emails from our website will come from "FleetSSL cPanel" rather than "Let's Encrypt for cPanel".